TESTLAB and 20 Years...


Turkey's leading laboratory equipment and test equipment, we were able to become one of the producers.


Testlab, textile, food, chemical, medical industries as well as; In addition to standard laboratory machines for universities, schools and test institutions, it also manufactures special equipment.


Testlabor, laboratory machines and equipment for direct sales to customers as well as Turkey and also sells through distributors and agents in many countries.

Our export markets are Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and other countries.


Thanks to our many years of expertise in laboratory machinery and equipment, we produce special design devices for many industrial and research and development laboratories.


Our commitment to permanent innovation, research, product improvement and development ensures the quality of our products.


With our connections in Turkey and overseas, we offer our customers by making imports but also of other laboratory equipment and supplies...



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