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Testlab was founded in 1999 by two friends,

Sami Özdemir and İbrahim Aydın,  who had several years
of experience in the manufacture of texile laboratory machinery.


Over the years, we have established Testlab as one of the leading laboratory machinery and testing equipment manufacturers in Turkey.


Testlab has been making standard laboratory equipment as well as custom equipment for textile, food, chemical,

medical industries, as well as universitites, schools testing companies etc.


Testlab sells laboratory machines and equipment directly,

as well as through distributors and agents  in

Turkey and many countries.


Our export markets range from Syria, Tunisia, Egypt to Bangladesh, from Russian Federation to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.


With long years of expertise in laboratory machinery and equipment, we can manufacture custom designed

machinery and  equipment for many industrial and R&D laboratories.


With our commitment to constant innovation and

refinement, the quality of our products has been assured.


We also  produce laboratory machinery and equipment

under private label to many OEM customers.


Through our associates in Turkey and abroad, we can import and supply other laboratory equipment and consumables

to our customers.

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